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Purchasing property that generates monthly income in the form of rental payments. All operational matters related to the property are addressed by the INBA team. An owner can always check the property status online through a personal user account.

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Who is it for?

Purchase of investment property with a management agreement is the optimal solution for secure investment and stable income without the need to be personally involved in a process of property management. At the same time, the investor can check the condition of the property online, while being anywhere in the world, as well as any financial matters such as rentals, utility bills, etc.

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This type of investment saves your time as you do not need to be actively involved in the process. But, with the help of an Investor's User Account, you can engage in the process of your property management 24/7.

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Terms and stages of closing a transaction

The process of purchasing an investment property starts with a kickoff meeting (either in person or online), as well as a site survey and property selection, which usually takes less than a week. After deciding on a purchase it takes about a month to address any related matters. You do not need to be physically present in Slovenia for longer than one week.




Initial costs
  • 4% ot the purchase value
  • notary fees and legal expenses, purchase contract and handover agreement
Monthly costs    technical and administrative control over the subject property
  • 7% of rental when rental is over 7.000€/month
  • 10% of rental when rental is under 7.000€/month