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We specialize in investment property, while providing a comprehensive scope of services, from search and diligence of properties, to closing sales and ongoing property management. The key to our success is more than seven years of experience in the real estate market. In INBA we believe that the best results can only be achieved if we put our clients’ interests at the forefront. That can be only achieved by listening to them, understanding their needs and sharing their views.

Who are our clients?

We work with successful people who prefer to invest in properties that generate reliable income in a stable currency.

INBA advantages

We are a skillful team of professionals
Since founded, we have been engaged, not only in services related to sales, purchases and rent agreements with residential estates, but also in the sphere of investment property and investment transactions. Over the past few years, as the demand for investment property has grown, our company has decided to focus exclusively in the investment field. Today we have an experienced team of professionals in real estate, design, engineering, construction, finance, and law. This ensures secure and effective investment in Slovenian real estate for our clients and allows us to efficiently manage investment property.

Strategic partners
We believe that good relations with our partners are the key to business success. Therefore, we have built a network of financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate agencies, law firms and maintenance organizations.

We are proud of our portfolio of completed projects that have allowed our clients to purchase profitable properties. The projects include Situla shopping and business center, Zoisova office complex, Litostrojska business center, Mengeš business center and many others.

Complete database of sellers and buyers
We have created a comprehensive database of sellers and buyers ensuring swift information exchange and closing of transactions. Over the years, we have gained the trust and respect of property owners. That gives us access to the best offers and furthermore, opportunities for steady expansion of our real estate database.

We provide access to information on investment properties online from any location anytime.
Every investor who has signed a management agreement acquires personal account which allows monitoring of property from any location online (the status of tenancy, rentals, utility bills, etc.)

Main principle of our work
We know that the best service can only be provided if you make the interests of your clients your own. Our basic principle is to put ourselves in our customers' shoes and view the situation from their point of view, while always doing our best to find the perfect solution for them.