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About us

The most important aspect of our company is appreciation of our clients, which means that we are always looking at their projects as if they were our own. We strive for professionalism and are uniquely suited to represent our clients in the competitive Slovenian Real Estate market.

We offer a comprehensive service. Our clients need only state their preferences, from then on our experienced professionals will take care of the rest.

We implemented many successful projects, both for big investors and for clients who were buying high quality residential apartments, with high standards of living.

We hold the record for the highest value Real Estate sold in Slovenia in the last two years.

Cooperation and upcoming investment projects

Our company is always eager to cooperate with partners, which has proved to be key to succeeding as a prosperous business. We cooperate with investors interested in construction of different projects, such as residential buildings, luxury sites, malls, urban design projects and many others. Furthermore, we are committed to providing our clients with our industries best guidance on the purchase and sale of investment properties, including residential, commercial, office and retail buildings.

Currently we are preparing an important plot land in the very center of Ljubljana, suitable for construction of residential buildings with a highly estimated revenue potential.

In addition to the aforementioned project, there are many other projects taking place simultaneously in various parts of Slovenia.

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Full company name:INBA, nepremičninska družba d.o.o.
Tax number:52796990
Registration number:3705889000
Bank account number:IBAN SI56 3000 0001 0263 509 (Sberbank d.d.)